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Let Chris Help you:

  • Get unstuck by identifying and understanding what's holding you back so you can breakthrough in a big way
  • Learn how to turn broken new years resolutions and goals into actions and results
  • Stick to the mindset and habits needed for a healthier and happier life.
  • Become more productive and self-disciplined.
  • Understand why you procrastinate and develop methods for tackling tasks effectively 
  • Lead others and dramatically improve your relationships!
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Real Tools, Real Results...

“Chris Cooper gives powerful & practical tools for taking your life to the next level and beyond. He offers clarity and helps you to create an efficient game plan to achieve your dreams with passion and purpose.”
— Kim Coles (Author, Actor & Comedian)
Los Angeles, CA


The More You've Been Waiting For

MORE, it’s not a dirty word, and if you are like most of us, there is a yearning, an insatiable desire deep down inside for MORE that won’t let you rest. You’ve tried to ignore it, you’ve tried to go with the ‘Norm’, yet you cannot accept that your current situation “no matter how great it appears to be” is as good as it gets. You know there are MORE opportunities out there for learning, love, income generation, progression, growth, happiness and fulfillment.

You know that there are individuals in the world that are truly living their lives by design on their OWN terms and enjoying the ride!

So, what do they know that you don’t?

How did they get that MORE?

And more importantly Do YOU really want to know the answers?

Well, What if I told you that one decision could change your life forever?

Just like athletes need a coach to improve, YOU need a coach to see your actions, show you a better way, give a new perspective, keep you on track, and ultimately 10x your results.

That's why this day and this moment is important for you.

Today, I'm offering to coach you and train you on the very same principles and achievement strategies I've taught hopeful entrepreneurs,  celebrities, entertainers, professional athletes, millionaire CEOs, Stay-at-home Moms, executive teams, college students, professionals and millionaire business owners and their teams.

Look, over the last two decades I've committed myself to personal development and to the study of human behavior, I've been coached and instructed by World Class Industry Leaders in Peak Performance, Psychology, Organizational and Human Behavior, and for the FIRST TIME EVER I'm fusing my learnings with my very own GSD system that has assisted me in transforming over 75 Fortune 100 Companies, and individuals from Canada to South Africa and all points in between. These best practices have propelled my businesses and those of my clients to monumental levels.

NOW You have access to the information that will assist you in annihilating limiting beliefs and behaviors that have keep you from Achieving your dreams and Getting Sugar Honey Iced Tea Done. The masters have systems, strategies and processes for success and I want to share them with you!

Let'e Re-write History Together!

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Chris Cooper is an agent of change, a gentleman, and a force for good. He's forward thinking, passionate, innovative and makes the world a better place. He's a fantastic coach that will change your life. I am proud to call him my friend. I highly recommend you cross his path, your life will be changed for the better.
— Jason Drees
Coach - Catalyst - Game Changer | Business Growth & Acceleration | Idea Machine | Mindset Transformation Expert

It's Your Chance and Your Choice...

Please allow me to take YOU by the hand and help YOU and keep YOU on the right track every month.

Let me push YOU, challenge YOU and help YOU grow.

Let me help YOU develop the mindset, habits, and personal psychology required to change your life and achieve your dreams.

I'm here for you, every month. Let's do this!”

Listen, YOU get the same life coach and personal development trainer as celebrities, entertainers, professional athletes, CEOs, Stay-at-home Moms, executive teams, college students, professionals and millionaire entrepreneurs!

This truly is a No-brainer!

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Get Coached by Chris, and You Receive:

Live Coaching

Two hours of LIVE life coaching and peak performance training with Chris! Every month, Chris helps you reach higher levels of success, confidence, well-being, and productivity in your life. Yes, you get the replay too!

Productivity Tips

Access to the world's best tools for personal and professional transformation. From Personal Psychology, to Purpose Driven Planning & Execution, to Effective Decision Making, and Relationship Enhancement. You'll have a toolkit like none other that's easy to understand and implement. No more complex solutions...change is easier than you think!

Chris Cooper Live

2 Tickets to Chris’ Seminar! Chris Events are legendary and attendees walk away with not only with information but real action plans that get results! You’ll immerse yourself in a few days of  total transformation, An unparalleled encounter dedicated to breaking down barriers, limiting beliefs and patterns. An opportunity to break that coma of complacency and an experience that will help you Get Sh*t Done! Attendance is totally optional. Signup and we'll send all dates. If you want to attend, you do NOT pay the usual $497 ticket prices, just a separate one-time fee of $97 for your seminar materials not your tickets. ($994 value!)

But Don't just Take My Word for it...

Thanks Chris Cooper for Igniting My Fire!!! My book that was collecting dust on a shelf for 2 years is at the printers TODAY! Because of the time I have spent with you (going into my second year) I now have a Specific Measurable and Realistic Plan- a true foundation for my empire! I am soooo excited!! My life has been so much more….more Purpose, more Energy, more Momentum, more Power and I love it and I attribute much of this Power to our work and your guidance Chris! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
— Roberta Brunin (Will Power Strategist and BUTT OUT Authority) Grande Prairie, Alberta CANADA 

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  • Pay the entire year in advance and save 15%!
  • Same benefits as monthly mastery level life coaching: Live 2-hour training with Chris every month, the world's best tools, techniques and strategies, and 2 tickets to Chris seminar ($997 value)!
  • BONUS: Annual Subscribers Only: Get Chris' full online course, "Get Sh*t Done" - for FREE with this plan ($997 value)!




  • Live 2-hour training and coaching with Chris every month
  • Free Replays 
  • The world's best tools, techniques and strategies
  • 2 tickets to Chris seminar ($1997 value)!
  • Access to one New Professional Development Course Annually ($997 value)!
  • One-on-One Live Quarterly Coaching Call with Chris

This Can Be Your New Coach!

Chris Cooper

Lifestyle & Procrastination Expert

  • I've authored two amazing and insightful self-published International #1 BEST SELLING Books and sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide on my own without a major publishing house (oh and I wrote one of my books in just 28 days) *
  • I released an audio book with an actual soundtrack (how cool is that?)
  • I've spoken to audiences of 10 to 10,000 across three different continents that have brought in thousands of dollars per even (even for a 15-minute talk!)
  • I've started three companies in 3 different industries and won countless international and domestic awards and honors
  • I've been featured in various print, media and TV publications 
  • I was selected from a global talent pool of over 500+ of the World’s Best Life & Business Coaches for the Father of the Coaching Industry.
  • I've hosted my very own Talk Radio Show on the FM DIAL in ATLANTA and also created my own TV show as well
  • And the good news is that I'm still considered “wet” behind the ears (meaning I'm just getting started…) That's why I'm ready to walk you through the same process that works so successfully for me, over and over again. Come and get it!
“I have taken Chris Cooper’s GSD Online Course and been a part of his wonderful Limitless experience. Chris is insightful, energetic and passionate about bringing out the best in his clients. The biggest lesson I have learn from Chris is let perfection go and treat the things I desire to accomplish as an iterative process. Movement in positioning yourself for success is an action that is never exactly ideal. Lastly, I have learned my new favorite acronym from Chris, F.O.C.U.S. which means Follow One Course Until Successful and that is exactly what I intend to do with my dream goals”
— A M Morgan (Nonprofit Management Consultant/ Speaker/Creative Strategist)
Dallas, TX

Why Coach with me & Why Now?

Well, for starters if you've made it this far down and If you are reading these words you probably find or have found yourself in a very similar place that I’ve found myself on numerous occasions:

  • Setting the goal but missing the mark.
  • I’ve set the bar and fallen short
  • I’ve had great intentions but didn’t follow-through
  • I’ve shot for the stars, bounced off the moon and landed flat on my face more times then I care to admit.

But there came a time when I realized that I did NOT have to move or face the world all by myself, I could actually be human, make mistakes and get some assistance so that this time it would work, this time I’d stick to it, This time I’d win!

So it’s in that same spirit of victory I am offering you a seat at the Champion’s table. An opportunity to be partnered with and guided through the next transition in your career, business, life, and relationships.

Regardless of where you find yourself: uber-successful and making things happen or at your breaking point searching for answers, I can relate and I am here to help! There’s power in accountability and it’s in these collaborative creative spaces- where the magic happens.

SO…..It’s TIME!!!

  • Time to live your dreams and stop wishing things were different.
  • Time to stop smoking and start exercising and eating right.
  • Time to make that appointment, hug your child (even if he’s taller than you),
  • Time to tell your friends and family members how much they mean to you
  • Time to start that business, read that book, make a difference.

It’s time to start living and stop waiting!!!


It's Time to Get Sh*t Done!!

Are You Ready? Well Let's Go!!

The world's leading Lifestyle & Procrastination Expert & Life Coach. Yours for TWO hours per month, just $197/month.

Private clients must pay $100,000 per year to work with Chris one-on-one. You get him LIVE EVERY month for TWO HOURS in this exclusive group coaching program.


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